Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Surefire way to get me to write a blogpost

Hacking my Google account seems to be the easiest way, apparently.

Round about 2pm this afternoon, I got an email from someone asking why I was commenting on a website I said I would no longer comment on.

Red flags went up. I haven't commented anywhere on anything since last night, and that was on a blog post about a Kindle. What comments?

Before I got a chance to reply, I got an email through to my iphone, with a comment left on my blog. By me. From MY Google account. Alarms were now sounding. I haven't written anything at all on this blog for months.

I immediately turned to the fount of all knowledge technical, Twitter, and asked if anyone knew if there was a way of using someones Google account to leave comments - people have left comments in my name before, but they've never included my picture, or linked to my profile, or sent a freaking email back to me - other than hacking someones account. Before the answers even started coming back (CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD, CHANGE IT NOW. LOG THEM OUT), Jeremy rang me asking if I had sent him an email, the text of which was "How do put up with me being such a fat, whiny, bitch" or words to the effect.

I tried to log into my Google account, and the password had been changed. Worse still, I couldn't reset the account using my alternate email, because I've forgotten the blinking password.

Luckily, Google suspended the account, and on me providing enough information to identify me (Actually, they requested enough information to be able to write my obituary, wedding speech or dating profile), reset it. Looks like whoever it was got in through the security password, which to my shame turns out it's fairly easy to guess.

The message here? I have sent one personal email today from my gmail account, and that was to Jeremy. If you received an email from me today, it was not from me. If someone spoke to you on Gmail chat, it was not from me. If a comment has been left on your blog, it was not from me.

Oh, and check your security question. It doesn't matter how secure your password is if your security question is a doddle.