Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Had my first appointment at the Peter Mac institute today, and the news was overwhelmingly good. Yes, I have Cancer. Yes, it's a Liposarcoma. But because we got it so early, I'm only going to need surgery. That's it. That will, in the specialists opinion, cure me.

It was the best news we had any right to expect. All I'm going to have to have is more tissue taken out, and I'll end up with a six to ten centimetre scar. The best bit of the appointment was the bit where he had to examine the rest of my upper body for anything suspicious looking, and when he noticed my stomach and chest scars, he said "Well, I can see the scar on the arm isn't going to trouble you too much" He was efficient, professional, knowledgeable and - a quality I'm rapidly finding essential in a medical professional, blunt.

Compared to the treatments other people have to go through to stay healthy when they discover Cancer, what a small price to pay.

I'll take it. What's a ten centimetre scar for my life? Nothing. A day or two off work, a week or two out of the gym. Nothing.

And now we know where we are, on to the wedding planning! And maybe I can get back to sleeping now. I think that's been the worst bit of this for me - trying to operate and cope with stressful news without sleep. It puts you so far behind, trying desperately to cope with a head full of exhaustion-fog. I felt - this is the only word I can think of for it - fragile. Everything was just harder whilst I didn't know.

But, onwards.

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Dave said...

Excellent news. So very relieved to hear it.