Friday, February 12, 2010

And, normality resumes

Last week I actually agreed with something Andrew Bolt said.

I knew it was too good to last.

The byline from the front page of the Herald Sun website, with Andrew's new article:

"IF he hasn't yet burned down your house, lost your cash or fried the guy in your roof, you might laugh at Kevin Rudd's latest joke"

Andrew Bolt, on the front page of a prominent news site, accuses our Prime Minister of Arson. He says, right there, that Kevin Rudd is burning down peoples houses. Also, I won't be sleeping tonight, because up until now, I didn't know there was a guy in my roof. God only knows how he got up there, what he's up to, and - most disturbingly - how Andrew Bolt knows about him.

But it gets better. On the Prime Minister:

"He's come up with this excuse for the drop in his support: that he still hasn't sold you enough spin.

Swear to God! That's what he said...."
Except he admits, in the next line, that the Prime Minister actually said something completely different:
"Here are his exact words: "I think our challenge is to communicate more effectively that which we have done.""
I can see where Andrew got confused. The word "That" is in both sentences. 
It's a good thing Andrew is a professed atheist, because swearing to God and then admitting you're fibbing in the next sentence isn't looked on too kindly on by most deities.

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