Monday, January 25, 2010

The "gift" is obviously not a sense of self-preservation.

You're the leader of the opposition party, and you're fighting the idea that women-voters will have a problem with you. You're trying to play down the fact you tried to bring approval of RU486 under your personal control, that you're a vocal opponent of choice, and that you've got an image as a Catholic prurient hypocrite, who thought he'd knocked up his college girlfriend but is all about the abstinence, and removing the choices women can make about their own bodies.

What's your next move? Telling women their virginity is a "gift" and they should wait to give to their husbands after they're married.

Of course! How silly of me. I mean, let's forget the fact that Abbott famously didn't practice what he's now preaching, or that - is it just me? - a lot of women are going to think it's none of his fucking business when women do or don't have sex for the first time.

I realise that Abbott is probably answering the questions he's being asked, and in way I kind of admire the fact that he's not sugar-coating what he believes. In one way, he's won a certain amount of respect from me, being open about his beliefs and how they shape his politics. It would be so easy to try and distance himself from his previous record. I'd much prefer he was honest about it, but seriously? Regardless of what the rest of your policies are, Abbott, you will never, ever, ever get my vote.

You have shown yourself to think women cannot make decisions for themselves during your reign as Health minister. You have shown yourself to be a hypocrite by expecting young women and men to live up to standard you demonstrably cannot live up to yourself. You have shown that you will put your own religious beliefs before the health and wellbeing of the women of this country, and I hope that every single woman and man in this country remembers that come polling day.