Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Why I bother

Why I bother with slug patrol:

A Black Beauty rose I planted on July 7th this year, backed by six week old strawberries and parsley.


Jayne said...

Definitely worth the slug patrol ;)
The strawbs will be yummy, don't forget to invest in some netting to keep possums and birds from dining on them before you do ;)

Keri said...

We don't have much possum trouble, but I think we did have some bird problems last year. I'll have to look into netting soon. Same with the tomatoes.

I was fairly pleased with the rose - it's the first flower and I did have some trouble with aphids and black spot up until recently - and I was worried that might damage the bloom, but apparently not!

Private 'Baldrick' Tom said...

Why is it that I took one look at that photo and thought "British Labour Party!"?

Keri said...

I thought "English Rugby Union"

It's actually far deeper a red, but the camera on the phone does like to brighten things.