Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hot, Not hot

According to ABC:


Not Hot:

So no problems with Britney pashing a woman decades older than herself, but when a man pashes a man similar in age, there's a problem?


Edit: Lambert's replacement? None other than girlfriend beating R&B singer Chris Brown. And ABC is now saying Adam wasn't cancelled because he was gay, or because he kissed another man, but because he was "unpredictable on Live TV"

So that's the message, performers. You can do whatever the hell you like - up to and including bloodying the lip of your partner - as long as you can follow a cue and don't deviate from the script. Just don't be original or spontaneous. Our precious little eyes couldn't take it.


Andy B said...

Britney/Madonna = not hot.

It's a skank kissing an old scrag.

Dave from Albury said...

It's all a bit meh really.

Jayne said...

Brit and Madge...ho and granny swappin spit *gag*

evernoth said...

A female kissing another female is a totally different thing to a male kissing another male. (HINT) one has a penis and one has a vagina.