Thursday, October 15, 2009

Taking my own advice

Every time an accusation is made against someone I know on the intertubes - and those times are legion, being what it is - I tell them to ignore it.

Thing is, this "He said, She said" stuff is wasting my time more and more of late. I can here myself in my head telling other people to walk away. Yet there I am, sticking my head in the hyperbole bucket for one good, last dunking.

The blogworld is a funny one. Its given me a lot, for seemingly very little effort. But what it gives with one hand it takes away with the other. Its given me my partner in a roundabout way, and exposed me to a whole range of people and ideas - right and left - that I otherwise would have been ignorant of. It's also exposed me to the ridicule of people who I've never met and don't know the first thing about me. You take the good with the bad, I tell people. Walk away when it gets personal. Don't jump in to threads you know are going to get nasty. Particularly if it involves you.

Yet I seem, of late, completely incapable of following my own advice. I've been getting pulled into blogwar bullshit, or stupid arguments where neither side is ever going to concede ground, going round and round in circles. Following links to nowhere, whilst the stuff that has real value - the writing and some craft projects I've been wanting to do for months now, researched and ready to roll - pile up around me. I'm working longer hours now, and I do not have time for this shit. Yet I seem unable to pull myself away. My tendency to need the last word in any given argument is manifesting itself into threads hundreds of comments long. Even I think I'm an idiot for engaging, yet it's hard to pull away.

So, I'm using a tried-and-true method for getting out of a bad habit.

I'm stepping back from it. Stepping back from the blogworld, at least for the next month. I'll be reading, and I'm going to be working on things for outside of our incestuous little corner of the interwebs that I said I'd been wanting to do for a while now, but I won't be engaging in anything outside of that.

I might be writing here, I might not be. Depends on how the writing projects go. I'll respond to comments that are topical if I write anything, but I won't be getting into arguments here, and I won't be commenting at all anywhere else for the next month. As of 6pm this evening, no more blogwarz. I'll still be on Twitter, for all your whining about late train, twittermasterchef and hair crisis needs, and you can grab me on the gmail account. DM the twitter profile (widget on the right) and I'll send it through.

See you on the flip side, yo.


Kartar said...

Woot! Good for you.

I stopped commenting on stuff like that ages ago ... people shit me too much and it was bad for my blood pressure. Feel much calmer as a result.

Only comment on friendly/friends stuff - much like this. :)

Broken Left Leg said...

I miss you already.

Good luck on your search .

Andy B said...


invig said...

Its interesting, huh (the 'can't walk away even though i know there's no point). To me it indicates that we are hard-wired to form groups, and defend our position within them, and the premise upon which they are founded.

Keri said...

Kartar - I think that's going to be the procedure after the month is up.

BLL - I'm still around. Just not commenting.

Andy - Bite my arse

Invig - Uh, that could certainly be part of it. When it's yourself being attacked personally though, it ceases to be about protecting the group, I think.