Sunday, August 23, 2009

Christ in a frying pan

I've been meaning to do a post for two days. Yesterday I was at a work conference, so I had no chance, and when I got home, between bicycle-building related exhaustion (No, really. For Camp Quality kids) and the hangover to end all hangovers, there wasn't a hope in hell.

Tonight, my phone seems hell-bent on interfering with my plans, and won't cough up the photos that were going to go with this post.

So, situation normal - there's nothing of substance here.

Hopefully I can wrangle the phone into disgorging the goods tomorrow and getting something up here. In the meantime, here's some thinking music, just because I can:


davefromalbury said...

I refuse to believe that the wonderful "not an iphone" that you raved about could possibly be blamed, what is your ulterior motive?

Leon Bertrand said...

Why is 'pwned' not one of your banned words?

Captain Suburbia said...

but you *do* come from Wales...

Keri said...

Dave - turns out it was Vodaphone's fault. HTC Magic is flawless, apart from the headphone jack being USB compatible, instead of the usual jack.

Leon - I haven't updated it for a while. Will do so now.

Captain - Yes, but I haven't thrown my knickers at him. Did used to walk past his farm in Llantrisant though.

Keri said...

You're a fucking liar, Jimbo.

First, you have no proof that any information was passed on. I've got an e-mail account that I've literally never used - never sent an e-mail from, never signed up to anything with and it STILL got spam.

Secondly, even if it WAS someone from Grods (Which it wasn't), you have absolutely no proof it was Jeremy.

Until you do, fuck off. Oh, and comment moderation is being turned on, so good luck spamming my posts, wanker.