Monday, July 13, 2009

Yes, something about this IS unacceptable

I have not the words:

Acceptable? Scrap that. I have the words, but I won't use at least one of them on this blog.

And this, from the article:

"Do you think female presenters carry as much authority as their male colleagues, or will they always be mere Barbies in the chair?"

Mere barbies in the chair? Fuck you, Herald Sun. If you're trying to manufacture a contraversy with your outrageously sexist, insipid comments on this one, well done.

Scarier is the thought that the person who inserted those comments could be serious. And scarier that I have no faith that they weren't.


Megan's 101 List (Yes, another 101 list!) said...

It's even more horrifying when you hear those sort of opinions held by teenage girls.

PS the above missing post was me. I didn't want to link to my gay 101 page but evidently you're stuck with it now. Shit.

Keri said...

Um, I can delete it and you can repost it under a different account or something?

Let me know if that's what you want.