Saturday, July 18, 2009

Teh Annasthetik hsan't afeckted me at all!

Message received a minute or two after Jeremy woke up (Did you know they let you have your mobile on in some hospitals now?):

"Didmt asplodem hurrah

Jaw feels absoitely awsome, rxepy for ctriplling opainr"

Now I know what he'd be like drunk. He was high as a kite for the first twenty minutes after he woke up.

He's home now, recovering well and the pain seems to be under control. Posting may be even more sporadic than usual in the next week, depending on how he goes.


Broken Left Leg said...

What is with teh left and taking drugs?

Jeremy said...

Makes perfect sense. Don't know what you're on about.

Keri said...

BLL - Real men have their wisdom teeth taken out without anaesthetic.

Broken Left Leg said...

I know, RWDBs do it all the time so they can prove that teh left are soft on drugs.

Jayne said...

So....I won't mention The Spouse who jemmied a left-behind fragment of wisdom toothy peg out of his abscess-infected gum with the handle of a spoon (no he didn't hold the damn thing over a gas lighter to sterilise it...though I was certain a housebrick would shut the complaining up much better than any happy drug!).

Keri said...

BLL, true. Lefties are soft as shite.

Jayne, I had an infected tooth whilst travelling back to Wales last time, and I could not get in anywhere for fourteen hours. I seriously contemplated a pair of pliers.

Broken Left Leg said...

Keri, If Bolta was in your situation he would have pulled out the rusty pliers for sure. Did you know he's hard as fuck, and has been to Afghanistan as well.

Andy B said...

I'm disappointed that there isn't video of Jeremy and his annasthetik-induced babbling.

Keri said...

I was tempted, but it was all I could do to get photos, and I've been forbidden from blogging those.

Andy B said...

One time, when I was under the effects of morphine, I bequeathed my penis to my then gf.

I apparently offered it to the nurse initially, but she laughed and declined the offer.

Broken Left Leg said...

"and I've been forbidden from blogging those."
What is it with teh left and media censorship, dictatorial ways, and misogyny?

Captain Suburbia said...

About 10 years ago I had my appendix taken out. I have 2 (actually 3) vivid memories of that day.


2: "wow, the nurse just stuck a needle in my cannula. This must be the anasthetic. Oh look, I can see it going up the tube and down into my ar..."•click• lights out!
and the most on topic one,
3: the moment of self awareness when the anasthetic is wearing off, when I had the presence of mind to realise that I was talking like a loon, so perhaps it would be better to shut up because I had no idea what I'd say if I opened my mouth. That was the point at which I ceased being a source of amusement for my family.

If you ever get appendicitis and your friends or family start trying to make you laugh, punch them.

Jimbo said...

I feel for you Jeremy. All things aside its a nasty little op.

Had mine out 20 years ago. Not that nice. Keep him away from rocky road and muesli.

And make him take the drugs no matter how much sense they make him speak. It hurts too much if you don't.

Oh and make sure he doesn't catch cold. Sneezing is a new kind of hell believe me.

victor said...
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