Sunday, July 05, 2009

Killer Queen

So. I've had my first incident in the car. And it was completely my fault.

I've started practising playing pool again, with my mate A (of the swimming in a bra whilst we were camping fame), and that means driving to his house twenty minutes away and driving back. No big deal, but this particular night, it was dark, wet and windy.

And more importantly, I was listening to Queen.

I don't know about anyone else, but when I listen to Queen, I don't listen to it quietly. Especially not Bohemian Rhapsody, and particularly not the rockier parts. Which was one of the parts I was at when I got back in the car and turned the stereo on.

I'd parked dead straight in the driveway, but I thought I was a bit close to the bushes, so I'd correct on the way out. Because somewhere between parking dead-straight and coming to reverse, I lost my tiny little mind.

Honestly. What happened next I cannot excuse and cannot explain away. I corrected what I thought was the right amount, and because the metal fence A's place has as the other side of the driveway was in shadow, I Scaramouched right along it.

Except, because of the volume of the music, I didn't realise until the mirror on the passenger side bent backwards.

Jeremy was thankfully not too annoyed (It was, after all, his car), and the car is not too damaged.

But I think I'm going to ban myself from listening to Queen in the car from now on. At least when I'm reversing.


Captain Suburbia said...


My dear wifey is mystified as to how I didn't kill us both in her car one rainy afternoon. I was working at a different office to the one I normally work at, and my drive involved a trip over the westgate. The roads were a bit slippery, and on the ramp between the bolte bridge inbound and the westgate outbound, I lost control and by some miracle managed to go from the left hand lane end to the right hand side emergency lane, facing the wrong way. We'd done 540 degrees across 2 1/2 lanes, not touched another vehicle and ended up missing the concrete crash barrier by about, ooh, 20 cm.

That was all I needed to teach me to seriously take more care. We were phenomenally lucky, as it was about 4 pm on a weekday. I think I used up about a lifetime of luck.

But what really gets to my wife is that she's had 2 relatively minor accidents that have resulted in both her cars being written off, and I almost killed us both without leaving a scratch on her car.

On a related note, driving is one of the best times to listen to Queen up loud. The other is in the shower. "FOR MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Keri said...

Jesus, Captain! You don't do things by halves, do you?

Queen is most certainly excellent driving music, but I think I might stick to listening to them with housework for now.

Jayne said...

Yes, Queen should only be heard AT TOP VOLUME.
Except when there's a fence involved...

SB said...

Favourite Queen song is "Don't Stop Me Now". It is guaranteed to send a dance floor crazy, no matter what the age of the audience. Also it is a great driving song - voted the best in the Top Gear poll.