Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Insomnia Playlist

So, with the new phone, I've got a new late-night playlist. Mainly because I sometimes have trouble getting to sleep and Jeremy decidedly doesn't. But I was interested to see some of the new stuff that's crept in since my last playlist, and what's been retained:

Back to the Start - Lily Allen - I've gotten more and more into Lily Allen in the last few months, and this is one of those songs that I don't love, but still makes the cut.

Spaceman - The Killers - I've been playing this with alarming (for Jeremy, anyway) regularity since I first heard it late last year. I love it. I cannot get enough.

I can't Decide - Scissor Sisters - Oh, I love this song. It's so upbeat, yet so macabre. And sometimes I forget just so dark it is. I've had it as my main ringtone since I got the new phone, and it's really only now striking me just how wrong that is.

Doomsday - Murray Gold - From the new series' of Doctor Who. I love this theme.

My Freeze Ray - Neil Patrick Harris - All the geeks will know where this and the next song are from, and if you don't know, you should.

My Eyes
- Felicia Day & Neil Patrick Harris - Second verse, same as the first.

Stoned - Dido- It's about now I usually fall asleep, because the songs are so familiar to me. If I'm not asleep by now, the next few songs - all Dido songs will do it.
See you when you're 40 - Dido

Sand in my Shoes - Dido

They Live in You - Samuel E Wright - From the stage show of The Lion King. Which I've never seen, but have heard a lot about. If you haven't heard this song, I recommend you look it up.

I don't Believe Anymore - Icehouse - I toss up constantly as to whether I prefer this version or the Whitlams version. They are very different versions of the same song. This one seems to be a bit more peaceful though, so it makes the cut.

What songs put you to sleep?


Dave from Albury said...

It's been years since I had music playing while I fell asleep. Buster Boy, however insists on having the radio on at bed time, so he listens to whatever catches Derek Guille and Tony Delroy's fancy.

Captain Suburbia said...

Wow, sleep. I remember that. Before I get into this list, I've got to make it abundantly clear that this music isn't boring or anything - it just puts me in a generally peaceful frame of mind.

So, currently in the CD wallet next to the bed is:

A Song For You - The Carpenters
Their best album by far. This sends me to sleep like nothing else. Sure, it's got "Top Of The World" but on the plus side, it's got...every other song on the album.

Bless The Weather - John Martyn
One day I have to burn a special "night-time edition" of this with the one up-beat song removed.

Pete Seeger - A "quiet songs" compilation.
Sometimes they're necessary. An amazing voice when he opens up, but so smooth and beautiful when he sings quietly. Beautiful enough for Mrs. Suburbia to ignore the fact that we're listening to a banjo picker.

Side 2 of Low - David Bowie
Amazing textures & atmospheres from Bowie & Eno. Good enough to surgically remove the cares of the day from the brain.

And in the player - a burn containing the bonus disc from SPDFGH's Leave Me Like This album - Recorded during a stinking hot Sydney summer, and I hate to use the words "chill out", but that's exactly what it does to one, and every track I've been able to round up by Portal Window. I'd say Paola and Clare rock my world but they don't. They texutrise it. And I'm linking to them because they're Melbourne based and fantabulous.

Anything else? Oh yeah, another "The Quiet Songs" disc, this one by Gemma Hayes. Another girl with a voice that takes me to another place. Except when I'm driving.