Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good God

Jesus Christ.

A 14-year old dragged onto a radio show to undergo a lie-detector test who says to the host before the questions even begin "I’m scared ... it’s not fair.", and you don't think to stop and ask if she wants to go through with it after all, or if she's been pressured?

Her mother asks her if she's ever had sex, and the girl replies "I’ve already told you the story about this ... and don’t look at me and smile because it’s not funny."

Instead of showing concern, the host then asks "Right ... is that the only experience you’ve had?"

The mother then interjects to say she only found out about it "a couple of months ago" and at this point the segment ends.

Are you fucking SERIOUS?

First, why in the name of arse wasn't the girl asked before-hand is she wanted to go through with it when she's clearly expressing doubts?

Why was Kyle's immediate response to continue to interrogate the girl?

Until further details come out, I'm reserving judgement on who is to blame here, but at the moment, it seems clear that at the very least there should be questions asked as to how participation of minors is approached.


Lauredhel makes an excellent point: regardless of whether any sex the girl had engaged in outside of the incident she recounts at age 12, given the girl is - right now - aged 14, Kyle and Jackie were quizzing this girl about possible rape. She's fourteen years old. Anything other sexual experience she's had is also rape.

An excerpt from the transcript:

"Mum: OK. Have you had sex?

Daughter: [quieter] I’ve already told you the story of this. And don’t look at me and smile, because it’s not funny. [louder, announcing with bravado] OH, OK. I got raped when I was twelve years old.


Kyle: Right. And is that the, is that the only experience you’ve had?

Mum: I only found out about that, um, a couple of months ago. Yes, I knew about that.

Daughter: And yet you still asked me the question."

Let's repeat that last bit:

"And yet you still asked me the question"

On Live.National.Radio.


**EDIT 2**

Did mean to be more specific with the comment "Anything other sexual experience she's had is also rape" - given that the mother was talking about her having sex with older boys, I was basing the comment on that.

And thanks to Barry, who got there before the Tandoori finished in the kitchen.


Jeremy said...

I was staggered even by the earlier part:

Jackie O: Alright, we have her hooked up (laughs) to the lie detector…
Kyle Sandilands: awww.
Jackie O: She’s not happy! (laughs)
Kyle Sandilands: How are you, Rachel?
Child: I’m scared! It’s not fair!
Jackie O: It wouldn’t be fair on any kid, I tell you, I sympathise with you
Kyle Sandilands: Is that true, Charles?
Lie detector bloke: That is true.
Kyle Sandilands: She is scared everyone, yeah.
Jackie O: Yeah. Mum, you have a series of questions you’re going to ask your daughter…

Would this child abuse really not have been news if not for the rape allegation?

Jayne said...

That is bloody disgusting!
Surely the mother is being negligent in her duty of care to protect her daughter by exposing her like this to ridicule, etc, not to mention the possibility of influencing a future rape trial?
I haven't heard about this until now but the only that shocks me is that those two creatures who supposedly "present" a radio show in the name of entertainment can get any lower.

Barry Saunders said...

Any other sexual experience she's had is also rape.

really? Even with someone of her own age or younger?

Keri said...

Barry - You got there before I could! I realised whilst cooking dinner that I'd been impresice with that comment.

I was basing it on the mothers comment that she was concerned that her daughter was having sex with older boys. If the boys she was having sex with were older than sixteen, then yes, it would be.

I should have been more precise, and I've updated the post to reflect that (With a hat tip in your direction, good sir)

Barry Saunders said...

ah, ok. i wasn't sure about that one.