Wednesday, May 06, 2009

King of the Castle

Max, as kittehs are want to do, grows apace.

From this, in February:

To this, taken yesterday:

He's no longer entirely kitten, only, as I call him now, Kittenish. And you can see the handsome boy he's going to be. His marks are certainly darker.

And, as you can see in this photo, he thinks he's King of the Castle:

And Polly (Or Poll-Poll, as I call her), continues to be her pretty self:

Polly was keeping me company last week when I was sick and holed up on the couch. She's a total sweetie like that.

Speaking of things that are growing apace, I'm growing my hair. Basically, I chopped it off back to this last year:

And decided that, contrary to how it looked, it wasn't actually any easier to handle.

So I've been growing it in the last two months. This is a late March photo:

It's longer at the sides, as you can see, and much longer at the back since I went hack-happy in mid-Jan and got the back cut fairly short.

And a bonus photo, just because it makes me laugh. Someone once told me I have a very animated face. Until I saw this photo, and the set it is a part of, I didn't quite undestand what they meant. Never let it be said that only the flattering ones get through:

**Differences in the size of photos due to only showing photos of those I have permission to**


Jayne said...

My, Max is certainly growing into a handsome boy!
Your hair looks good :)

Keri said...

Ta, Jayne. Right now it's not bugging me too much, but there will come a day when I'll wonder why the hell I'm growing it.

And yes, he is a handsome boy.

Captain Suburbia said...

Awww. I was going to post a cute kitten photo, reflecting on how one only has cute kittens for a while, then they become cats. However Blogger doesn't want me posting pictures in comments, so no cute kitten in this space, just a link to him, and a shameless plug here.

Keri said...

That's a great photo, Captain Suburbia.