Friday, April 03, 2009

Who hasn't?

I read with - I have to admit - a hint of pride the tale of the Prime Minister of this big brown land giving a flight attendant a telling-off for buggering up a meal request.

I'm sorry, but if you get shit service, you complain. Why shouldn't the Prime Minister be able to do the same? And has anyone not wanted to do the same? Aeroplane food is awful. Universally, all-encompassingly bad.

If anyone should have been crying, it should have been the PM. I know that's my reaction when faced with Aeroplane Food.

DISCLOSURE: Not a member of the ALP, never voted ALP or Liberal. I'm a Greens member who votes - funnily enough, Greens - and before that, voted Democrat.

And if it was Howard, I'd be giving him a pat on the back as well.


Jayne said...

Having a rough guess here but I'm thinking that the Ruddster and your good self) isn't singing "I like Aeroplane Jelly...Aeroplane Jelly for me!!"

Jeremy said...

It's all second-hand hearsay crap anyway.

There's no evidence he did give her a "telling off". He could have just said something short and annoyed and she, because he's the PM, was devastated by it.

As you point out though, it's a non-issue. If JWH had done it the righties would agree.

Keri said...

Jayne - Funnily enough, I've never been served Jelly on an aeroplane.

I'm not advocating he cracks the sads and takes it out on serving staff, but anyone - up to an including the Prime Minister - should be able to voice their displeasure if the service isn't up to par.

And it very rarely is on an aeroplane.

Jeremy - Well, he did apologise. But yes, I can't name anyone who hasn't at some stage remonstrated with staff because of shit service. If not having done that is a provision of eligibility for PM, there's probably about a handful of people who'd be eligible, and they're all in line for saint-hood.

If John Howard had done it, I would think exactly the same thing.

Andy B said...

He's lucky he isn't flying with Virgin Melbourne to Tasmania. It's such a short flight that the people down the back of the plane don't even get a crack at the food service from the cart.