Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stuff and Things

No real excuse this time. If you've been reading with any regularity you've probably come to expect these gaps in posting (That can last for anything up to - off the top of my head - a year), so I won't bother trying to make excuses.

So, some stuff. First, Kitty Photos. About a week and a half late.

Max in a rare moment of peace:

Polly washes Max:

Max on his favourite spot:

Poll-Poll gets serious for a moment (I think she was trying to sell me Tupperware):

And one from Friday. I realised on Friday that the reason I've been slightly ahead on preperation for meetings and slightly surprised each week on what the end of the week's date is (Important in my line of work) is because I've been scheduling meetings in Lotus Notes (One word review of Lotus? ARRRRRRGGGGGH!) and basing my week-ending stuff on my desktop giant jotter calander thing. And then, on Monday whilst cleaning my desk, I noticed something:

Between this and the spray-bottle incident on Friday, I think my reputation as all-round genius is assured.


Jeremy said...

"The Spray-Bottle Incident" =

*Polly scratching the floor*

Keri picks up the water sprayer: Polly! You stop it! I'll spray you good!

*Polly continues scratching the floor*

Keri: RIGHT!

*squeezes trigger on water sprayer, which is pointing back towards her. Sprays herself in the face*.

Jayne said...


Polly probably planned the whole thing.
Cats do that.

Keri said...

Excellent! If it's Polly's fault I can't be held responsible.