Sunday, March 15, 2009


I'm disgusted with the Herald Sun posting nude and semi-nude photos of Pauline Hanson sold to them by a former boyfriend. The Herald Sun claims the photographs were taken between 1975 and 1977. It also claims she was 19 at the time, and drunk.

I'm no fan of Hanson, but a few words in your shell-hole, Herald Sun staff.

First, Nick Leys, who wrote the accompanying article. Pauline Hanson was born in 1954. If, as you claim, the photographs were taken between 1975 and 1977, she was either 21 or 23. You could have verified her age quite readily from a number of sources, and avoided a simple error. Also, why don't you know the year the photographs were taken? And why give two years as the range they could possibly have been taken between and then state unequivically she was 19?

Secondly, the tool who put a picture of a hotel room and labelled it as Pauline Hanson at a book signing.. Dude. If the Hun had time to write this story, clean up the pictures, get Robyn Riley to write an impassioned but tissue-thin defence and put together a 40-odd page gallery of photos of P-Hansey, didn't you have time to check that it was, in fact, a photo of Pauline and not a photo of a hotel bedroom?

Thirdly, Robyn. Now, if memory serves (And if it doesn't, here's the link), you're the woman who was not happy with Bill Henson "exploiting" children. Nor were you happy with Sarah Palin's clothes being the focus of an election campaign.

But, Robyn, you're apparently okay with your own paper featuring a partially nude Pauline. A drunk, 19/21/23 year old woman, who, thirty years later, has those photographs sold by a desperate, dying ex-boyfriend. You're okay with that. No, I'll rephrase. Not only are you okay with it, you go in to bat for your paper.

Funny the definition you apply to "exploitation" isn't it?


Miss Politics said...

I'm with you all the way with this Kerri. This morning Hanson is taking legal action and claims the photo's are actually not of her.

I am disgusted by the Herald Sun.

Jayne said...

I heard also that she's stated the photos aren't her, that she doesn't even know the guy and where they were taken wasn't even built at the time they were said to have been snapped.
If they are photoshopped fakes or some poor look-a-like has been roped into this smear campaign the slavering media need to realise how pathetic they're making themselves look.

Dave from Albury said...

There is no public interest in this story. The HUN and the Tele have really shown what rags they are with this.

These jerks are the first ones to jump on whatever the latest moral panic is and yet they think it's OK to publish this crap. And they wonder why their readership is declining and no-one has any trust in them.

Iain Hall said...

I put up a compare and contrast post at my blog looking at the face of the woman claimed to be a young Pauline Hansen and a contemporary picture of Ms Hansen and I am in no doubt that they are different people.

John said...

Stop whoring your blog around you fool. Nobody cares what you think, Iain.

Keri said...

I'd be interested to see if Robyn Riley comes out and says anything else on this issue.

Captain Suburbia said...

No, Robyn Riley will next be seen doing some "Car review by a modern woman about town" bullshit, whining about the cupholders.

I think I've managed to distill my thoughts on this into a one-liner - Alleged nude photos aren't necessary to discredit Pauline Hanson, as she already does that herself whenever she speaks.

She says an awful lot that I think is bullshit, but having said that, I really hope she ends up with a large payout from this. News Ltd. have seriously fucked this up, I guess the whole "it's not me" thing serves them right for trying to discredit her with the pics in the first place..

First time I've ever been on Pauline's side. I feel kinda dirty.

Captain Suburbia said...


The Daily Telegraph have admited they're fakes

Double Ooh.
Robyn has written a weak non-apology.

Triple ooh!
Pauline's got Stuart Littlemore for her defo case

Keri said...

Captain Suburbia - Any more of this and I will officially appoint you my update monkey.

Good work, Captain.