Sunday, March 01, 2009

Find the Funny

Sorry, Stephen K Amos, but it's topical.

I was quite taken aback by this story in the Daily Telegraph about a "Desperate Acts" "prank" that had a woman ring her sister and try and convince her that their mother had fallen, hit her head and that there wa "blood everywhere". According to the article., the police and an ambulance were called, and as the police are investigating the call never went to air.

I'm struggling to find anything in this story that anyone could find funny. If my brother rang me and tried to convince me that one of our parents was seriously injured, angry wouldn't cover it. I'd be fuming.

Can someone please point out to me what's funny about this? Am I missing something?


Bron said...

I saw this earlier today and I wondered where the "joke" was, too.

It's utterly stupid as well as dangerous. If my brothers had done that to me, I'd have ... I don't know. I probably wouldn't talk to them for a few months, that's how it would take for me to calm down.

Bron said...

*how long it would take for me to calm down.

Fucking annoying when I drop words out!

Keri said...

Exactly. You'd be livid. And rightly so.