Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This sounded far less whiny in my head

I can't seem to get the spare room unpacked.

I know it's been three weeks, but there's some kind of malevolent force at work in there. It's awful. Here's how it goes:

* Walk past spare room and either clock the mess if one of the cats has opened the door or the fact that it's closed - deliberately concealing the mess.

* Feel increasingly guilty. Announce I will definitely be sorting it out now/tomorrow/on the weekend and then it will be done. Receive encouragement and mentally pat myself on the back for my virtuosity.

* Walk into room and realise the reason it's all in here - largely untouched - is that it's 80% crap Ill never find a practical use for but must find space for.

*Resist temptation to say "Sod it" and grab black bags and chuck it out, as I realise the 20% non-crap is essential non-crap.

*Weep internally at the idea of going through every item in the room considering I did that whilst packing so I've already decided to keep it and can't just bin it, because - God Damn It - it's come this far.

*Half-heartedly sort out a few bags then realise the room is actually fifteen degrees hotter than the rest of the house and might actually be hell.

Look, it's not that I'm lazy - well, not just that I'm lazy - it's that packing and unpacking is soul-crushing and offers no reward. Sure, it's unpacked now, but someday, I'll have to pack it again. It's a vicious circle. Surely by unpacking I'm only encouraging things?

*Looks at clock*

*Contemplates Bushire victims who don't have essential crap to sort out, much less non-essential crap*

Oh, all right. I'm going, I'm going!

Man, there's nothing naggier than a blank page, is there?


Jayne said...

Those spare rooms were invented for all the non-essential crap.
And the exercise bike we stopped using after 2 weeks...and the clothes that no longer fit but will one day when we lose some weight....and the books...shoes...extra kitchen goods...dryer that might work but we're not 100% certain...

Emervents said...

You're going to hate me for this but The Organiser Lady ( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/The-Organizer-Lady/ ) has done absolute wonders for me. I'm a (was a) chronic mess-maker and hoarder of useless junk and I'm on the way to being cured.

It's almost like AA but you don't have to talk to anyone. Get daily email. Read daily email. Do daily habit. You don't have to buy anything for it to work. You just do the one thing every day and the rest is osmosis. Mostly I just skip through the daily email to get to the habit.

My house is gradually turning itself around and my husband is wondering who has replaced the woman he married.


Keri said...

Emervents - One step further - them doing it FOR me - and I'd be in Nirvana.

Jayne - I know, but I don't want it to become a museum for The Crap That Keri Brought When She Moved In.

Keri said...
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