Sunday, February 08, 2009

Not a time for Politics

Everyone by now has heard of the bushfires.

Everyone will be devestated, hoping that those who have lost their homes have somewhere to go, and those who have lost loved ones - well - that they are as well as they can be.

That's really all I want to say, apart from one thing;

I sincerely hope that I don't see anyone, on either side of the political divide, use this tragedy as a point scoring exercise. I really do.

If you're thinking about doing so, read this and think again. In the time since I've read this story, it's come to light that the girl was in fact a woman who was nine months pregnant.

Perspective. People have died. People have lost loved ones, their homes, business', livestock and pets. Please have as much respect as if it had happened to you and yours.


Jayne said...

Oh shyte, that is gut wrenching.

dam buster said...

Well put Keri,

My parents are far enough (just) from the Beechworth blaze and my Uncle had a close shave.

I will remember the shakiness in the voice of my father who told me about the two people he knew who dies up there the other day. I can only imagine that shakiness multiplied by hundreds in the survivors of Marysville and King Lake.

Keri said...

DB - Hope they're okay and stay that way.

Jayne - I know. And thanks for the updates and links on Twitter. They've been invaluable.