Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Invasioning, Day Two

So, today is day two of Max being part of the household. So far, he proves to be impervious to de-cutening.

Also, he had his first foray into the back courtyard:

Then, of course, there's Polly. Polly has met New Cat for brief periods, and whilst there's been no actual violence (She hisses a little bit if he plays too close to her, and she raises a paw - no claws - until he backs off) and Polly has stopped hiding when he comes out of the bathroom, she remains un-impressed:

Polly's been getting a lot of love, but it's a little tricky introducing a kitten to an established cat. She's doing well, though. We were careful to consider the kind of cat both of them are - Max is outgoing but not too playful, and he's the kind of kitten to take a swat and come back. But not the type to fire up if Polly gets a bit sick of his playing. Polly has been around other cats before, so it's not a total surprise to her.

We do have one issue, though.

There's a sign in the courtyard from a previous tenant, that's been left there because it's rather apt. But Max doesn't seem to want to follow the instructions:

There's a traitor in the ranks, people.

Luckily, he's a very, very cute traitor.


Bron said...

That second photo is lolcat worthy.

Very cute.

Keri said...

The funnier one is on Jeremy's blog. If Max gets too close, Polly puts her paw up - sans claws - and just waves it around until Max backs off.

It's quite funny.