Friday, February 13, 2009

If he'd said no, he'd have been vacuuming for eternity

The stimulus package has passed in the Senate.

Nice moves, Xenaphon, because if you hadn't, you'd be round my place, vacuum in hand every day for the rest of your life.

This is something akin what I'm using to vacuum at the moment:

It is, in short, evil. Much more of this, and I'll be setting fire to it. I've only used it twice, and I already want to see it dropped off a cliff, whilst confined to a blast-proof safe with a bomb in it. Or dropped into a vat of acid.

So here's where my stimulus package is going:

Oh, Baby.

And the rest?

Not sure yet. Any suggestions?


Jeremy said...


And it works fine. It's just got a slightly dodgy extension on the handle. But we could fix that up with masking tape.


Anyway, if that's what you what to waste your government cheque on. I'm squandering mine on hookers and blow.

Keri said...

I said akin to, did I not?

And it's the suction or lack thereof that's an issue as ell.

But if the extension handle is so easily fixed, you'll have it done by the time I get home, won't you?


dam buster said...

oooohhh lovers tiff.. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT.

Get a real vaccum - get a nilfisk. Those babies will suck the paint off a coke tin

Scott said...

The leftover $300 will buy a lot of Fleshlights.

Michelle said...

The Dyson is sooooooo sexy. I heart them.

Andy B said...

I'm pleased to see that you're spending your money on something girly like housework while the man gets to buy important stuff like hookers and blow.


Keri said...

DB - Nilsfik?

Scott - That's true. But we're already spending a good portion of Jeremy's stimulus package on it. It's his package, after all.

Michelle - My parents have one, and coming to the Vacuum of Evil, it'a a big step down. They are excellent.

Andy B - You know he's getting the hookers and blow for me, don't you?

Jayne said...

I have a Nilfisk knock-off and it sucks better than the hookers.
a suction-led stimulus to spend stimulus packages on Nilfisks for a hoover-hooker-led recovery?
We'll end up with a great economy and divinely clean shagpiles!

Keri said...

Jayne - I'll look into the strangely-names Nilsfik.