Saturday, February 28, 2009

An idea swiftly stolen by the partner who gets up first

Because, you know, I invented Catblogging.

There are times when not being a morning person is bad. When you're both bloggers and you've got cat photos waiting to be uploaded is one of them.

Anyway. Max and Polly:

Polly shows her true form: Vampire Cat

Lickfest 09:

I love how spectacularly unimpressed Max looks in that shot. As if he isn't loving it.

Shots from outside (Polly decided to head indoors before the camera made an appearance)

Max doing is best Simba impression:

Max on his Dad's chest. I'm a little proud of this one, because it's the first time I've taken one and thought it was one of Jeremy's, because it looked too good to be mine (Although he did tell me where to focus. Turns out men do know what they're talking about occasionally!):

And no, he doesn't love his Dad at all:

Two typical Max poses, one with extra "I wasn't about to eat the cord, honestly!" action:

And one I love that Jeremy snapped at an inopportune time for Polly:

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