Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Saturday

Happy Valentines Day if you're romantically inclined, and Happy Commercial Rip-off Day if you aren't.

And just because I like the soundtrack of cute-induced vomiting to follow me throughout my day, some photos:

N.B This post was going to be a lot less cynical, but I've had to write this twice, and I can't recapture the mood of the first post. Intertubes, sometimes I hate you.

Probably good news for those with delicate stomachs, though.


Jayne said...

It's only a Commercial Rip-Off Day for those who have not yet trained the other half to ask beforehand what is wanted/requested/required/needed...instead of blindly going on their male way and getting lynch-worthy items like bathroom scales, kitchen knives, garden shovels or (my ex hubby's fav) a chainsaw.
Hence, he is now my ex.
But I allowed him to live; my V Day gift to him ;)

Keri said...

We discussed it beforehand and J got me something he suggested, but the main thing was spending the day together.

Then again, I am buying a vacuum cleaner and other household things with the stimulus package, so it probably wouldn't have been a baed thing for me. I suppose it depends on the person.