Sunday, January 04, 2009

Why I haven't been around much

I know I've been the worst blogger ever over the last month, but there's a very good reason why:

A happy blogger is, by and large, an absent blogger.

And instead of trying to put into words why I'm happy at the moment, how about I show you? And before you freak out, as my mother did, it's the right hand, okay?

His ring is on my finger, his keys in my hand.

I move in less than a month.

I've become every cliche' I hate. And I'm loving it. I do apologise to those family and friends we're both scaring the hell out of with the speed of it all, and sickening with our mushiness.

Poor bastards.


It's not an engagement ring, to clear things up. Nor is my hand/wrist usually that huge looking. I may have stumpy fingers, but my hands and wrists are tiny. Annoyingly so. Unless you knock a pen behind the fridge.


Kartar said...

If that is an engagement ring then congratulations.

Personally, I think the institution is silly, having been there and done that and divided the resulting t-shirt 50/50. :P

But good luck all the same. :)

Jeremy said...
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Toaf said...

Very noice. Congratulations.

Jeremy said...

Wrong hand and wrong sort of ring for that, Kartar.

Glad you're happy, Keri. Your lad's very lucky.

Jeremy said...
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Kartar said...

@Jeremy - well I guess it depends on how traditional you are. I gave my ex-wife a non-diamond engagement ring.

And if you're Orthodox or from a wide variety of other countries the ring hand is the right. :)

davefromalbury said...

Congratulations! There's nothing quite so wonderful as being ridiculously happy.

And BTW, speed schmeed I proposed to Mrsdave within three months of us going out together, and over ten years later she still hasn't found a way to be rid of me. Happiness does not conform to a timeline.

Keri said...

Kartar - It's not. I mean, not that it would be a terrible thing if it was, and I am a fan of sapphires, but it's not an engagement ring.

Toaf - Ta, mate!

Dave - True, true. Bloody scary at times, though. Except not.

Jeremy - I'd beg to differ. I think I'm the lucky one.

John Surname said...

It's true, you do have stumpy fingers. It's a Welsh thing - think of Corgis' stumpy legs.

Andy B said...

Well thank god you're not engaged. I remember your father promised you to me.

Keri said...

Well, you did give the goat back, Andy.

Scott said...

You realise this post has broken Iain Hall's heart?

John Surname said...

His beard bristles with disappointment.

iainchall said...

Best of luck with it Keri

Scott and John

dam buster said...

well done keri.. hope it goes well!