Tuesday, January 20, 2009

That screaming sound? That'd be me.

I left my beautiful, beautiful phone on the bus this morning.

I don't hold out any hope of getting it back. A block is on my account and I've already discussed the prospect of a new (and free) phone with Optus.

Anyone who knows me will realise what a black, black day this is.

I may never smile again.


Phone located by bus company, handed in and picked up by my own personal knight in shining armour. Well, shining car, anyway. Wearing armour on a day like today would be ridiculous.


Michelle said...

Oh noes! How will we know if you are packing?

Keri said...

Phone has been returned, Michelle. And some knight in shining armour went and picked it up for me.

dam buster said...

No that is awesome with a unreal topping keri.

what an unreal result. A letter to said bus company thanking them should be in order.

I guarentee that if it was in a taxi you would not have seen it again.

Andy B said...

This is what you get when you have a Blackberry. Or associate with people who have a Blackberry.

Keri said...

DB - Possibly. Although I'd probably be more inclined if they hadn't stolen money out of my wallet a month or two back.

Andy - Mine's a HTC. And seriously, no more talk of Blackberry's and iPhones.

dam buster said...

A HTC? A guy from work had one and although it looked pretty cool it had a nasty habit of turning itself off 1min after answering a call. Bit of a fault on the phone really.

Scott said...

You should get an iPhone.

Andy B said...

I want to know why you want to stifle the iPhone/Blackberry debate.