Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Surrounded by boxes, panic.

It's T-Minus 12 twelve days until The Big Move, and we've decided to be sensible and move things in increments. So far, we've packed and shifted my books, DVD's and most of my kitchen stuff and unpacked them at the other end. What bewilders me is that I seem to still have an entirely full bedroom, and I've already thrown out five and a half full garbage bags of stuff.

It's going to be a long twelve days, I know that much.

Oh and the panic? Realising how much stuff I have and wondering where the hell I'm going to put it all. The idea of moving in? That's just exciting.


dam buster said...

i hate moving.. i did it too much after uni (7 moves in 4 years). i just cut down on the amount of crap i lugged around.

i can only highly reccommend clar plastic tubs to store stuff in. you can see where things are afterwards rather than rummaging through 300 cardboard boxes.

Michelle said...

Are you really packing?

Rob Kemp said...

Those large plastic tubs sound like an excellent idea. I've also done the "more moves than years" thing too but I've finally managed to settle down. The crap is beginning to build up though - moving was for sure a cleansing experience.

Keri said...

The other half has already suggested that, DB. That and the gree enviro bags. It's working a treat so far.

Michelle - Shut up. And tonight, no, I wasn't.

Rob - This is the fourth move in four years. And the twelth move in fifteen years. There'll probably me another move in about a years time, but hopefully that'll be the last for some time!

dam buster said...

glad to hear Keri - At Chataeu DB major renovatoin works are planned so my world is contained in plastic tubs. They are also good if you do have to store things in a shed etc. Duct tape around the top and nothing will get in... or out :P