Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friday, January 30, 2009

You missed a spot

Two things about this story:

(Herald Sun says "We're" not saying Ian Thorpe is gay, but here's his boyfriend", Thorpe says "Not Gay", Apparently "sexy" swimmer comes out and says their relationship was a friendship. Herald Sun says "We're not saying he's lying, but here's someone who does" )

First, her name is Amanda Beard.


In a story about a possibly-gay-but-in-the-closet swim star.


Secondly, is it just me, or is this "World's Sexiest Swimmer" a giant, all-encompassing No Tap?

You be the judge:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And I've got the piece of paper to prove it.

You know those friends you've got?

The ones who can tell you anything?

The ones who have enough respect and love for you that they tell you when you're going down the wrong path?

The ones who love you enough to not be able to stand by and watch you make a mistake without saying "Hey mate. I've got your back and it's your choice, but I just think you need to stop and think about what you're doing here"?

The ones who care too much to not do anything when they see you're in trouble? Who just can't keep their mouth shut, even though other people tell them you'll blame it on them when things go wrong?

That's what an immigrant who is critical of the government is. They're not traitors, they're not whingers, they're concerned bloody citizens or residents just like you, who see it as their duty to stand up and say something.

So take that jingoistic slogan off your bloody car.

And that giant chip on your shoulder could probably stand to go, too.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Self-nomination for Un-Australian of the Year

Firstly, because technically I AM un-Australian.

And secondly, anyone who has seen me drink wine will know why this article article makes me hang my head.

It's true. I'm a wine drinker. A white wine drinker. Who drinks Oyster Bay Sav Blanc. An Un-Australian wine.

In fact;

I'm sorry, Australia. I've shamed myself. And brought shame on the whole country.

But, as I write this, I'm having a glass, and I can't tell you it doesn't taste pretty damn good.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

You decide

When your partner puts a poll on his blog about his disgusting ice-chewing habit, it's perfectly acceptable to
Kill him with a rock
Remind him that his cat loves you more than him
Put an equally childish post up at your own blog free polls


More sterling suggestions:

* Make penis shaped ice

* Put insects in the ice etc

This battle, it will be won, comprades.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

That screaming sound? That'd be me.

I left my beautiful, beautiful phone on the bus this morning.

I don't hold out any hope of getting it back. A block is on my account and I've already discussed the prospect of a new (and free) phone with Optus.

Anyone who knows me will realise what a black, black day this is.

I may never smile again.


Phone located by bus company, handed in and picked up by my own personal knight in shining armour. Well, shining car, anyway. Wearing armour on a day like today would be ridiculous.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I heart Hamas

Kind of like I Love Lucy, with far less laughs and less awesome redheads.

I've seen and heard a lot of total, utter bullshit in the last few weeks about how Teh Left luffs Hamas and has pictures of their favourite idiot terrorists benevolent freedom fighters on their bedroom walls, and how we all hate Teh Jooz. Or, as everyone's favourite Queensland bloger puts it;

"We all know very well how much hatred and contempt that the left have for the Jews in general"

So let me take this opportunity to state, without equivication, that any person - regardless of how righteous they think their fight is - who kills a civlian in cold blood is a murderer, and I hold no truck with them. That, obviously, includes Hamas.

Also, Israel? Seriously, dude, we get it. Big guns. Big bombs, not happy with Hamas. But why take it out on the UN?

But, to everyone in that region, I ask the following favour:

Stop. Blowing. Shit. Up.

Post coming up on why I'm no big fan of Israel's response, and why it has absolutely nothing to do with who's doing the bombing.

***UPDATE*** Iain Hall, the author of the above quote, has taken exception to me "selectively quoting" him and not including the source of the quote. I should have course have included the source of the quote, but his contention that I was "selectively quoting" I refute. The orginal sentence:

"We all know very well how much hatred and contempt that the left have for the Jews in general and the existence of Israel in particular, lets just hope that the voters of Wentworth are smart enough to see that even the more “moderate” tip of the leftist Ice-berg that wears a Ruddite face conceals a rather more nasty and extreme ideology"

not only reads like a paragraph rather than a sentence, but contains an irrelevant call for the voters of Wentworth to reject the ALP canditate. This far out from the election I didn't think it worth including.

However, since the point was in dispute, I thought it worth including the full "sentence"

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Surrounded by boxes, panic.

It's T-Minus 12 twelve days until The Big Move, and we've decided to be sensible and move things in increments. So far, we've packed and shifted my books, DVD's and most of my kitchen stuff and unpacked them at the other end. What bewilders me is that I seem to still have an entirely full bedroom, and I've already thrown out five and a half full garbage bags of stuff.

It's going to be a long twelve days, I know that much.

Oh and the panic? Realising how much stuff I have and wondering where the hell I'm going to put it all. The idea of moving in? That's just exciting.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Tool of the Week

That'd be me, people.

Why? Because I managed to sedate myself yesterday morning on an over-the-counter medication. Noice.

Apparently it's common knowledge to everyone but me that taking Phenergan (An over-the-counter anti-histamine) means you will not be able to stay awake for twelve hours.

It's now common knowledge to me. And twenty hours of sleep in twenty-four hours doesn't exactly leave you refreshed.

Any chance I can chalk this up to a learning experience?

No? Damn.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Why I haven't been around much

I know I've been the worst blogger ever over the last month, but there's a very good reason why:

A happy blogger is, by and large, an absent blogger.

And instead of trying to put into words why I'm happy at the moment, how about I show you? And before you freak out, as my mother did, it's the right hand, okay?

His ring is on my finger, his keys in my hand.

I move in less than a month.

I've become every cliche' I hate. And I'm loving it. I do apologise to those family and friends we're both scaring the hell out of with the speed of it all, and sickening with our mushiness.

Poor bastards.


It's not an engagement ring, to clear things up. Nor is my hand/wrist usually that huge looking. I may have stumpy fingers, but my hands and wrists are tiny. Annoyingly so. Unless you knock a pen behind the fridge.

Doctor Smith

The new Doctor who has been announced, and it's a total shock.

Matt Smith's name hasn't been mentioned or rumoured, as far as I've seen, and he's a surprise - and controversial - choice, both for his youth, his status as a relative unknown, and the fact that he isn't controversial enough for some. I know there's been discussion on whether there should be a black doctor or a female doctor, but given new Time-Master Steven Moffat's genius touch with the Doctor Who series thus far, I'm willing to trust his judgement.

And there is one thing. Moffat has hit the mark as far as looks go:

Fan-girl squee power activated!