Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Product Placement

Well, not really. I do get the occasional offer - separately of this blog - to get free stuff (Things to date: New, not-out-on-the-shelves-yet hair-care range. I got copies of Grazia before they came out, Aveeno moisturiser and tested the Stripe web-radio service for 3G mobile), but I've never felt compelled to write anything up on here. Now, twice in one week, I have been.

Today, I'm pointing you in the direction of Reinvent Yourself. Not because I believe people should actually re-invent themselves, but because they're consistently cheaper on products I buy all the time. (Particularly if, like me you use hair-care products that aren't available in supermarkets, it's handy)

Secondly (And I have no idea if I'm allowed to talk about this - uh, company that's had me testing this product? If you have a problem, I'll gladly delete this paragraph. Kisses)I've been testing a yet-to-be-released haircare range called Pureology. Specifically, the range formulated for Coloured hair.

I'm completely in love with it. It's cutting my straightening time in half and I've been able to stop using one of the heat protecting/smoothing products altogether.

I don't know when it'll be hitting the shelves, but if/when they set-up a website, I'll be plugging it.

Also, can we talk about Natio?

I've been a fan for quite a while, but then, oh, then.

Then I discovered the Factory Outlet. I think it's somewhere in Richmond? I can't quite remember. But right now I'm sitting here gazing at my Lavender and Rosemary hand cream with something akin to lust. It cost me two dollars. I could easily have bankrupted myself in that outlet.

Oh, and who on earth is allergic to baby oil? Answer - apparently me. I've never had a reaction like it.


dam buster said...

dam buster offers you all your dam busting needs. From ponds to reservoirs I am your man to blow them up.

Keri said...

Bloody Spam, DB.

dam buster said...

not wrong Keri. Maybe they were using the "product placement" heading as an invitation to do some of their own.