Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Moderation Policy

I haven’t had to have a moderation policy up until this point, but here’s the deal: There was a comment on a recent post that I thought crossed a line – it was either written by someone who knows me/ knew me, or someone who has trawled this blog for information and was trolling. I’ve done my best to preserve the privacy of everyone I know and have known on this blog, and up until now the only comments I’ve deleted have been those that revealed something about someone else.

No more.

This is my blog, and I do not have to take your shit. Clear?

You want to post snarky, anonymous comments like the coward you are, fine. I’ve always allowed that, but if I have to respond to your – inaccurate – comments about a job I did for eighteen months four years ago by revealing more about myself than I want to on the intertubes, the comment is getting deleted. And that’s my prerogative.

Don’t like it?

Feel very free to fuck off.


dam buster said...

Fair enough Keri. Your blog your rules.
Just be wary of wankers who will try and say it is you not allowing free speech etc etc.

Ross Sharp said...

Well said.

And here's a couple more words that I reckon should be banned -

Elephant (as "in the room")

John Surname said...


What? Are you gonna ban me too now, huh? Huh?

Toaf said...

I missed the comment but can well imagine the intent. So I echo the "fuck off".

Keri said...

DB - They can refer to the last line of the post. I've let the trolls and anonymous wankers comment here without restraint - except to protect the privacy of others for six years - enough is enough.

Ross - Will add in due course.

Surname - If I could, you know full well I would. Go watch Citizen Kane or something.

Toaf - Ta, mate.

dam buster said...

Keri - no dramas from me. wankers and trolls should be banned.

if you comment without at least a form of name you should expect your comment not to appear.

Domino said...

good policy, thumbs up (y)(y)

Tobias Ziegler said...

Well said, Keri. And anyone who doesn't like it can feel free to start a blog called "Anonymous Dickhead".

Bruce said...

I'll add my own unreserved "fuck off" to the chorus. And a whole heap of "fuckwit" to follow through.

What. A. Fucking. Moron.

Wallace Johnson said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
dam buster said...

Umm WTF is with the spam comments?