Monday, November 03, 2008

Things that shit me - Music Edition

  • The compulsory guitar solo - If it doesn't fit, don't shoe-horn it in. I've watched bands pick apart fantastic, innovative tunes and turn them into just another cock-rock song because "people will expect a solo". Solos bore me sensless unless they're on Guitar Hero. As I say above, I don't pay to hear you jam.

  • Ditto the ten minute intro. If your instruments aren't tuned by the time you get on stage, fire your roadie.

  • Faux "I don't sell out" Styles targeted at teenagers (Pink, I am looking at you. You started out R&B - decent, ballsy, R&B. Then you realised there was something about you that appealed to the teenage market and changed styles completely. I don't care if you want to make money, good on you if you can - but be honest about it)

  • People who start hating bands they like just because they sign with a label and start making money - Unless you're willing to pay them what the record company will, shut up. Do you want to spend your life hoping you'll flog enough shitty t-shirts out of the back of your van or off your flimsy fold up table to cover costs? Bet you're downloading off the latest "must-have" bit torrent site whilst you're whingeing about them selling out, aren't you?

  • Obscurity As An Art form. I give a certain friend of mine shit about this, but he isn't actually a true proponent of it, he's just got unusual taste. But what really shits me is those people who like a song right up until it enters the charts. Then, it's too "mainstream" and they find it distasteful.

  • Snobbery. I like Interpol. I like Robbie Williams. I love The Editors, and I've been to a Maroon 5 concert. I like some of Britney Spears songs, and dislike both the Beatles and Elvis. I make absolutely no apologies for my taste in music, and neither should you. There is no right and wrong in music, and if you dislike a song just because it's by Britney, you're just as bad as those who love the latest Miley song just because it's Miley.


John Surname said...

Things that shit me - people who don't like Frank Zappa because of bad past experiences, not because of the music.

Agree with you about Pink (or is it still P!ink?). She can fuck off.

Keri said...

Zappa I dislike because of Zappa, not because of bad past experience.

Metallica I dislike because of bad past experience.