Thursday, November 20, 2008

Okay, this isn't exactly substance-full, either

Two things.

OW! Damn you, heavy folder:

This is the reason I am typo-ing like a mad thing today. Both of the nails on my thumbs have been decimated, and I lost the stylus for the whiz-bang phone some weeks back. I usually rely on the length and pointy-ness of my thumbs to operate the tiny, tiny keyboard accurately and quickly, and now, well, it's a little difficult to do either.

Also, as you can see, I've been neglecting my hands of late. That is one ragged cuticle. Those who know me will know that I don't usually neglect my nails (I file and buffed my nails whilst camping in the middle of nowhere. They are usually my pride and joy), but lately they've gone to hell entirely. And yes, I have old-lady hands. I was born with old-lady hands.

Two: I realise this blog is being a little neglected of late in terms of actual words, but so is everything else. I'm busy doing some research and putting together training on topics I'm not entirely aux fais with on top of my usual job, and I've had sproadic access to the Intertubes in the last few weeks. You could always jump on twitter (See the widget in the side-bar over there?), which I usually update when I'm moving about. Or Facebook, or attach some kind of tracking device to me. I don't know.

Either that or bare with me. Things will improve after this week, I would imagine.


Domino said...

I bite my nails...and I also find I bite the skins around it. My nails are worse, I win! :P

Bron said...

Bare with you?

OK, undressing now...

Michelle said...

I have granny fingers too.

Mikey_Capital said...

I pull my toenails out.

I challenge you to search for the term toenail on my blog. Then scroll down...

Keri said...

Michelle - The parellels are becoming scary.

Bron - Whore

Domino - I've never understood nail biting.

Mikey - You're on.

Jayne said...

After seeing Mikey_Capital's toe nail and nail bed and reading what he does with the aforementioned nail...I'm impressed!
You'll have to up the ante now, Keri lol.

Keri said...

Jayne, it might just be time for me to bring out a photo of the freak toe.

And those who have seen the freek toe know what that means.