Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mobile again, and more pretty pictures

This blog is rapidly becoming far more visual, I've noticed. I promise something of substance soon, but it won't be today.

Here, instead, is what I've been doing whilst I've been off the intertubes. Making Christmas cards. I've designed fifteen this year, but some are silver and gold on red, and that isn't showing up terribly well on the whiz-bang phone. Here are the ones that have kind-of-worked:

The Wreath



Christmas Tree

The Chimney

Silver Chimney

Victorian Baubles

Blue Balls

So that's what I've been up to. What's everyone else been doing?


dam buster said...

awesome work Keri. What do you use to create such treasures?

I have been trying to look like I am working.. shh dont tell anyone.

Keri said...

Uh, I use sticker packs (Some designed for scrapbooking, some designed for card-making, some are just stickers), the small stars are just 3D stars that I glue on with craft glue and a very small brush. The larger stars are the type with two prongs you push through the paper - kind of like the old fashioned paper-fasteners. I love those. The baubles are actually 3D - They push out, but that isn't practical for mailing, so I tend not to push them out.

I also keep Christmas cards from last year and cut out things and use them. I also use tranlucent, glittered gold and silver inlayed stickers, tissue paper, that kind of thing.

Basically anything colourful and Christmasy - it just depends on the design. The wreath and Chimney are 3D Stickers I found at Riot art. I think they're designed for other purposes, but I tend to wander around with the cardboard in my hand and a few designs will pop into my head. The rest I design using whatever I have hanging around when I've made the principle designs.

dam buster said...

cool. well done. better than the 10 for $1 pack of cards!
there is a 'stampin up' demonstartor here who does saome awesome stuff.

Ross Sharp said...

Where are the ones that didn't work?

This is the internet, Keri, we're only all here to see other people screw-up, y'know.

Stop messin' with the primal forces of the intertubes!

Bron said...

Oooh they look awesome, Keri. I tried to the do "make your own cards" thing a couple of years ago but for some reason gave it up. But last weekend I picked up all my arts and craft stuff from my parents and I've been thinking of making cards for Xmas this year, actually.

What "card" do you use? Do you use the blank ones you can buy (ie already folded etc)?

Jayne said...

They're fantastic!
I am now filled with Card Envy.
Only medical cure for such is to "borrow" some of your ideas to improve my sad efforts :P

Keri said...

Jayne - Feel free!

Ross - It's not that the cards don't work, it's that the colours used and the fact that they're reflective means I can't take a photo of them properly.

And if you've seen some of the photos that have ended up on this site and on the Flickr page, you'd know I put the crap ones up too!