Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My mobile has been intertube-less, unable to receive messages and unable to receive e-mails or make calls since 10.47am on Saturday. Lest it be assumed I am some kind of Optus free-loading type who didn't pay their bill and is being righteously reminded to do so, let me make it clear that I did indeed pay my bill and I have the receipt number to prove it, Damn it.

If you've tried to contact me via the above methods since then, I'm not just ignoring you, I don't know you've been pestering me with messages declaring your undying love and willingness to give me a grant to fund my latest art project "Making Christmas cards seriously kicks the arse out of starting work at 8am and getting home just in time to throw food down my throat, will it to digest faster and run just as the sun sets for significantly less money than I deserve"

The title is a work in progress, but the project itself is as solid as a rock, yo.

In other words, until the matter is resolved (I'm hoping that'll be this evening, but it could be up to 24 *sob* hours from now), call me rather than text or e-mail to the Hotmail or Gmail address'.

Incidentally, my Christmas cards this year kick arse. Photos to follow, when Optus deems it necessary to get off their arse and let me send e-mails from the whiz-bang phone, or I remember to bring my camera with me.

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dam buster said...

Technology sucks sometimes. You never quite realise how much you miss it until it stuffs up!

I still do not know how on earth people used to do the type of work i do without:
PC, email, internet, CADD, mobile phones.

Oh and thanks for the comment. I thought I was doomed to oblivion.