Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Last night was tough. Hot, muggy, and by the time I got home I was trashed.

Plus, I nearly choked on a bug. That happens. Nearly throwing up on my dog? Not so much.

Jess the Wonder Dog accompanies me, by the way. Just in case any males prone to over-protectiveness want to start making comments about woman running alone = danger. As does my mobile and a torch (I go through a small wooded area and up and down two fairly steep hills just to get to the pavements I pound)

Anyway, apart from feeling pretty good about getting back out there, going at the time I do has it's compensations.

Last night:

And Monday:

They aren't great, but I'm taking them on a camera phone whilst running. How much can you expect?
And how's that for consistency? Check out the time stamps. Both nights I was at the same spot at the same time. Not bad.


dam buster said...

You know that after the Krakatoa eruption in what is now Indonesia, the Royal Society commissioned an artist to paint the sunset every night for a few years at the same location to show the different colours as a result of the debris in the air.

Bit easier taking a snap with the phone camera.

Keri said...

No, Dam Buster, I did not know that.

Yes, it is easier. And harder. I'm running at the time (stopping would be cheating), and trying to keep it level is a job.

Thank Christ for Anti-Shake!

Guido said...

Beautiful photoes! They compare very well with the latest one taken by Michael in Melbourne Today

Bruce said...

I can't take photos when I do my walks. I do them at night, alongside a railway line where there is no lighting.

Can get spooky alright. Especially when you have your MP3 player on, in the dark, in the middle of nowhere and you just realised that you almost walked into someone walking the other way!

I can see a Wolf Creek scenario unfolding.

dam buster said...

As you may have guessed I am full of useless facts. The guys at work call me Dr Google for my ability to pull out useless facts.

John Surname said...

The paintings by the royal society artist were all leftist drivel.

Keri said...

Bruce - The field I run through whilst I take those photos is inhabited at the same hour by this wierd emo who just stands or sits in the dark looking solemn. The first time I noticed him there he scared the shit out of me. Now I'm used to it.