Monday, November 03, 2008

Cause and Effect

So, I've talked about Creepy Optometrist, now it's time to show you the cause of all this trouble.

Firstly, the old glasses:

Lop-sided, flimsy and very, very annoying.

The New Glasses:

I think they're completely different. They'd want to be, considering I spent $461 on them and had to deal with Creepy Optometrist into the bargain, but I'd had at least two people say they aren't that different to the old ones.

It is taking some getting used to, having something on the sides of my eyes, though.


When I was uploading the photos for this post, I accidentally put the new glasses under the old glasses and the old glasses under the new. Just to clarify, the new ones are the black ones.


Iain Hall said...

As some one who has had to wear specs for a while I am a great fan of the old fashioned wings that have the spring steel hooks that fit behind the ears which stop them sliding down your nose. i have a lovely pair of antique rimless specks that were a delight to wear but I had to stop using them when i lost one of the nose pads and i could not get it replaced.With modern plastic lenses it was possible to forget they were on because they were just so light and the rimless design meant that there was not a frame surrounding your view of the world.
Anyway the important thing is how you feel about the glasses and I would say from the picture that you are very pleased with the new ones.

EC said...

They look very smart Keri. I think they're quite different to the old ones.

Keri said...

Um, I have no idea what these ear wings you're talking about are, Iain.

I have a bump in the middle of my nose that means there's only so far glasses can fall, anyway.

EC - Ta. When one or two people said they were quite similar to the old ones I thought seriousyl about crying.

If I'd gone through all that and they were exactly the same I don't think I could have coped.

Iain Hall said...

like the ones on these Keri

Andy B said...

You'll be pleased to know that I visited the optometrist on Saturday morning. No-one tried to hit on me. Which is good, cos everyone there was an ugly male.

miss lallybroch said...

Keri, you look fab in your new glasses. They 'frame' your face beautifully!

Keri said...

Andy - I'm pleased to hear it!

Miss Lallybroch - Thanks!

Iain - Are you kidding me? No way would I put those things on my glasses!

Iain Hall said...

Just try a set of glasses with those sort of wings Keri and the way that thy just never move even when you are upside down under a car(it's a bloke thing)would convince you that they are a better design...


dam buster said...

Well based on your previous post me thinks you will be looking for a new optometrist next time around?

I went to specsavers on monday and got two new pairs for $380.. after health insurance rebate $230. thought that was nice.

As for your new specs. I think they frame your face better than the old ones. The squarer shape and darker frame define your face more making it appear slimmer. I know that sounds odd but rounder glasses make a face look rounder.

Keri said...

Iain - Chances are, if I'm upside down under a car I've been run over and won't give a shit about the glasses.

If I was on my back under a car, however.....

Dam Buster - Ta! I think so too. Apparently they also may me look "more cheeky"

dam buster said...

keri - ahh i get the more cheeky thing. i am a fan of the square lense. Could be that naughty librarian look.. especially smiling over the top of the frames.

i am still getting over the whole optometrist email thing though. wow the nerve and the dodginess of it.

Keri said...

Dodgy, yes. I won't be going back there, apart from picking up my records.

Creepy bastard.

dam buster said...

I wouldn't worry too much about records as such because when you go somewhere new, even within the same chain they will more than likely do a full test again anyway. And it is normally bulk billed.

One thing for him to comment on a pair of glasses looking good on you. I mean that us why you ask an opinion. But normally that would be covered by the sales staff. It is another degree of dodge to ask you out, then a whole new level of dodge to follow up via facebook and email.

Keri said...

No, I just wanted to be able to get the records and switch Optometrists without fuss, but I might just walk away and not worry about it.

He never said anything about glasses looking good on me, Dam Buster and he didn't ask me out - if he'd done that, I could have just knocked him back.

It's this insidious "Don't you look nice? Where are you going? Are you hanging around before you go out?" half-questions I hate. It's sleazy, and contacting me via Facebook was just so wrong, in my opinion

Anonymous said...

Ahh ok. Apologies for mis-reading it.

No doubt that they will send a reminder in 12/24 months to say that it is time for a new pair of glasses and a check up. At that point i would suggest calling the manager and asking for your records to be sent out or something.

But the sad thing is that you are the one who is made to feel uncomfotable about it all by actually doing nothing wrong. Maybe having a woman manager will help.

I get what you mean about the half questions. Seeing if he got a favourable response to try and take it further.

I changed places because my current specs have had 'issues' with the glare reducing coating delaminating which makes them feel like they are dirty all the time.

dam buster said...

^^ by the way that was me ^^