Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The camel-back breaking straw

For me came from a source I could not possibly have predicted.

Andrew Bolt has this to say:

"Obama has not just the mandate, but the heartfelt support around the world, to achieve greatness. The rest is up to him."

There may or not be tears in my eyes right now.


dam buster said...

Bit scary - Of course as soon as Obama makes any slight err Bolt will be onto him in a flash saying what a wrong choice he was and how much of a 'statesman' GWB was...

Keri said...

It is, but that sentence leapt out at me.

Tobias Ziegler said...

I can understand why that affected you - Bolt can do a decent job of capturing and expressing a genuine theme.

Unfortunately, after the nice he had to keep adding updates, and the special form of Tourette's he suffers from kicked in - where he has to snipe at the slightest perceived fault in a leftist. He even managed to do it to Michelle Obama.