Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The wonders of soft focus - and the web.

I probably owe an explanation for the photo post, don't I?

Well, I left a comment on a certain website (ICLWers - don't worry, it's not terribly relevant if you don't know what it is), and made a comment about basements making the skin an unhealthy pallor.

To which an anonymous commenter chipped in with the suggestion that I myself have an unhealthy pallor.

Here's a screenshot of the comments thread and the two photos that appeared (I don't know why) of me - the photos I posted yesterday:

I was more amused than affronted, since in one photo I'm clearly leaning against a white wall, and in the other, as has been noted, I look pretty damn pink.

So I thought, bugger it, I'll post the photos in a post and see what the world has to say. Am I unhealthily pallored? (Without asking a leading question that would influence anyone either way) And here are your responses:

* Rosy
* Pink
* Rosy
* Alabaster
* "Ah the wonders of soft focus"
* Rosy
* Green Tinge
* Taupe
* Pretty & Clear
* Strawberries & Cream
* Rosy
* Blush
* Blush
* Smooth, Clean & Beautiful
* Glowing, Fair.
* Rosy
* Clear
* Smooth as a baby's butt
* Fresh
* Pinkish

Anonymous, I think the above speak for themselves.

Thanks, everyone. And just for the sake of having a larger sample, here are some more photos of my "unhealthy pallor":

Yeah, I'm deathly pale, aren't I?


Amy said...

Ha! Maybe they were looking at another picture, that or blind. :)


K @ ourboxofrain said...

I would agree with your comments regarding people's willingness to say anonymously many things that they wouldn't say with their names attached.

For the record, I think your skin tone is fine. :) (ICLW)

Michelle said...

OMG you are so pale...I guess if rosy and cheery is the "new" pale. I think you look great!

Caba said...

People are nuts, and obnoxious. I agree, that anonymous people are always meaner, because no one knows who they are.

The pictures of you are lovely!


Just Me. said...

Those pictures are gorgeous!

Some people.. *hmph*!!!

zandor said...

Hi. This doesn't have much to do with what you posted about, but I really like your hair.

Keri said...

Thanks everyone. I just laughed when I saw those comments. If you were going to pick one thing about me, I wouldn't have thought "too pale" would be the right one to go with.

Zandor - Thanks. It's hell in the mornings though.

Ronda's Rants said...

I think you look cute...just visiting...great blog!

Tobias Ziegler said...

And with that, yet another straw man argument from teh right is defeated.

Bron said...

Was that on AWH?

Keri said...

Of course, Bron.

Bron said...

Figures. Only those retards could come up with something like that.