Thursday, October 23, 2008

Potential for Freakout

Caution, Arachnaphobes. You may not be happy with this story.

Basically, giant, creepy-looking spider eats hapless bird.

But what cracked me up were some of the comments:

“Pfft. I’ve eaten lots of birds”

“Can we train them to eat Cane Toads?”

“I think they should stick to eating other insects”

(Nerd moment: Spiders are not insects)

And my personal favourite:

“I for one welcome our new overlords”

I don’t know why, but that last one has been making me break out in giggles for about half an hour.


junebug said...

"Overlords" Still Giggling!!! Didn't read the story since I'm sitting in a dark basement at night but I will in daylight. Still Giggling.

Keri said...

Junebug - I certainly wouldn't look at it if you're in a dark basement at night.

Bron said...

Spiders aren't insects? What are they then?

Kymberli said...

Oh, my freaking goodness. That's flippin' scary.

bron - spiders are arachnids and are closer to crabs (which also have 8 legs) than they are to true insects (which have 6 legs).

End nerdy moment.

Celia said...

My brain refused to make sense of this at first. Then I saw what seemed to resemble Alaskan King Crab legs clutching a feather duster. But they were black. wahhhhhhhhh