Thursday, October 30, 2008

Photo Question.

Okay, help me understand something here.

I have a Flickr account. The badge is on the sidebar there, as you can see.

I was looking at the stats today, and noticed a theme.

Let's look at two photos as an example.

This photo has 20+ views:

This photo has no views:

Now, I'm not fishing for compliments here, but I know how good I do and don't look.

And Mount Solitary in the Jamison Valley in New South Wales looks a hell of a lot better than I do.

And, not blowing my own trumpet, but that photo of the Jamison Valley isn't too bad. And that photo of me is fuzzy. And I look terribly emo, focussing on the camera-steadying almost to the point of a pout-of-concentration.

So, do people find photos of people - regardless of quality - more interesting than good photos of places of natural beauty?

And if so, why?


Ross said...

1. The photographs of yourself are taken from above. It's not apparent to the casual browser that you are the one taking them. The angle of the shot puts you in a seemingly submissive position.
2. So, this being the internet, submissive, etecetera ... you can draw your own conclusions from there.
3. The other photo's a mountain. Which is a rock with dirt and plants on it.
4. This being the internet ... etcetera.
5. The entire planet's population is belly up bonkers in the nut. That's why. This being the internet and all ...

Keri said...

So because I look slightly submissive the photo becomes sexual?


Andy B said...

The photo of you looks like it belongs on Myspace.

Ross said...

That's my interpretation. A cynical one, but, hell, considering some of the search terms people use that land them on my blog ... And, considering your most recent post on the eye-creep ...

daddy dave said...

The reason for the difference is not popularity of the respective photos but popularity of the tags and/or descriptions of them. People are almost certainly arriving at them via search terms.

Keri said...

Andy - I know. Which is why I can't understand it. I look like a pouty sixteen-year old (No wonder people hit on me when I'm merely concentrating) Men are fucking creepy.

Daddy Dave - I've checked, and they generally don't have tags. Most of the activity has actually come from this blog, by the looks.