Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hill of Doom Haikus

Every night I catch the train home, and walk up what I’ve termed the Hill of Doom.

The Hill of Doom is pain in the arse. I wish I could get a half-decent photo that depicts exactly how doom-y the Hill of Doom is, but it’s basically a one kilometre hill that for three quarters of it rises steadily at a 45 degree angle. The last quarter is about an 80 degree angle. That last quarter, I hate it. It just pisses me off. Especially in summer.

So I try to distract myself. I walk in time to music (I don’t recommend walking up a hill like that to the beat of “My People” by The Presets, or “Mr. Brightside" by The Killers), or playing words games in my head.

Last night, I ended up constructing Haikus. As you can see, the Hill of Doom is four Haikus long:

Haiku 1:
Hot man running past
Give me a piggy-back, Bastard.
Stupid Hill of Doom.

Haiku 2:
It’s hard rubbish day
Cars with trailers drive slow
They do say one man’s trash...

Haiku 3:
Evil Hill of Doom
Up your spine I slowly crawl
People in cars stare (They do)

Haiku 4:
Short first line because
The Haiku is restrictive
Haiku really sucks

Yes, I’m a geek. You didn’t know this?

Here's a photo of the Hill of Doom. You can't see the top quarter at all, but see that car? That gives you an idea of what the first three quarters of that hill is like.


Donielle said...

You know, after awhile you'd think your body gets used to climbing hills. But it doesn't! Seems like no matter how many days in a row I ride or bike a hill around here, I'm still aching and out of breath! And I don't have near the hill you do. Man alive, that takes some work!


cjsayers77 said...

I'm living on the eastern shore of MD and I haven't even seen a hill this big in ages!!! And now I need a nap, thinking of your daily walk!!!


Miss Lallybroch said...

You know, I thought that I was the only one who used to make 'walking up hills' less tedious by chanting or quoting poetry, songs or literature.

The problem with walking to the beat of a song is when you choose a song like, for example, Boh. Rap. from Queen, with the tempo changes, your walk ends up looking like you are trying to escape an attacking wasp!

I think I'll try making Haikus next Monday on my own Hill of Doom.

Seriously? - Erin said...

Here from ICLW! I hate hills, I used to have to walk one a lot at my old place, I moved closer to the shore which is flat.

That is quite a hill! I also like your poems, haikus have always had a special place in my heart.

KandiB said...

I have my own "hill of doom" leading to my house from the bus stop. Although, mine isn't nearly as long or big, I still abhore it. I make up little breathing exercises to music as I huff my way up. Think: ta- ta- tee- tee- ta. iclw.

EC said...

LOL! I can't express how much I love the geekiness of you coping with the hill of doom by constructing haikus.

~Jess said...

Great haikus: That looks like a beast of a hill to have to climb.