Thursday, October 09, 2008

He's got the Foo Fighters? Well that changes everything!

This article about John McCain once again using songs without permission cracks me up.

First, there's the idea that using the song "My hero" doesn't make you look like an arrogant, self-involved tool.

Then there's the fact that you'd have to be an idiot to think that the Foo Fighters wouldn't crack it when they found out.

Then, and this is the bit I must stress the most - I can't think of one person, even the ones who care the least about politics - who would be swayed by the use of a song. Especially one like "My Hero".

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when your media muppets start believing their own spin.

You aren't my hero, McCain, and playing a song you didn't have permission to use in an ad isn't going to change that.


Chuck A. Spear said...

The Reagan campaign tried to use Springsteen's 'Born in the USA' once. He told them to get fucked. They didn't realise he was taking the piss.

Toaf said...

Didn't the Libs try to pinch someone's song at some point, too?

What is it with Teh Rihgt and stealing music?

Bron said...

I believe Dubya used a Foo Fighters song during one of his campaigns, "Time Like These", I think it was. Dave Grohl told him to desist and go fuck himself.

The Foo guys are so not Republican supporters either.

Keri said...

Exactly, Bron. What they thought the Fooies would say when they found out oid beyond me.

Toaf - I don't know. Is it the same thing as what teh Right does?

Chuck - Not that many people do.

John Surname said...

Jimmy Carter once used Cocksucker Blues by the Rolling Stones. And who could forget John Kerry's surprising use of The Real Slim Shady?

Keri said...

Or George W using Regurgitator's I sucked a lot of cock to get where I am?

dam buster of preston said...

Keri - I doubt Hillary Clinton would want the gurg song as part of her campaign!
Can anyone confirm the National party's use of KBW 'Rootin in the back of the Ute'?

daddy dave said...

If you don't regard John McCain as a hero, then your criteria for "hero" is set way too high.
By any reasonable standards, the guy is a hero. Whether or not you think he should be president is another matter, but at least admit it when you're faced with someone of exceptional character.

Keri said...

Oh, Daddy Dave. he isn't my Hero. That's what I said. And he isn't. No-one who uses that kind of self-promotion could be.

daddy dave said...

Certainly, he "approved this message," but it's highly unlikely that he was personally involved in the decision to use the song, or even had much to do with the making of the ad.
These things are done by armies of spin teams and advertising agencies in modern political campaigns.

Keri said...

That was my point - This is what happens when the spin boys believe their own press.

daddy dave said...

Well fair enough, then.
I admit it did make them look like tossers... and I'm a McCain supporter.