Monday, October 13, 2008

Downers and Uppers

To make up for getting all serious on your arse, here are some photos you might like.

Firstly, because I don't think I've posted it before, a view of the Jamison Valley in Katoomba, NSW:

And secondly, for Toaf, who is probably getting withdrawal symptoms from the lack of hair photos, the pitfalls of short hair first thing in the morning:

Also, don't you love the lines on my head?

I'm not a morning person.


Toaf said...

Very nice. The first one, that is.

Andy B said...

I think we need more of these bedroom shots.

Keri said...

Do you have a thing for dishevelled women first thing in the morning, Andy?

If not, I think you'll be fairly disappointed.

dam buster of preston said...

morning hair is not a good thing!

Keri said...

No, DBoP, it really isn't.

I woke up a few weeks ago looking like Beethoven.

dam buster of preston said...

gold. i can see that form the pic you posted.