Monday, October 20, 2008

Anyone?....... Dust.

Right-wing reactions to Cyclists getting rammed by hoons, thus far:

Strider - "It must be their own fault/Is it a cyclist conspiracy?/should we keep them off the road after dark?/I find this amusing"

I'll update as I come across them, because so far, I see no indignation from the right that these cyclists (who, incidentally, were using a designated lane at the time) were rammed by a car-load of hoons.

Update 1:
Iain - instead of focussing on the criminals in this piece, has chosen to attack me and completely misrepresent what I've said. Charming.


PerryFarrell said...

"arrogant cyclists" -gold
How anyone can behave arrogantly while sweating profusely on a bicycle is beyond my comprehension.

I fully expect to be 'rear-ended' by a vengeful motorist who commented on the HUN today, very, very soon...

Toaf said...

Strider is a national treasure. Whenever I get bored with MK and Aurora I toddle over for a giggle.

PerryFarrell said...

Strider is a national disgrace.
He's probably one of those twats who generalises a whole generation of people because of 'What Corey Worthington did'.

dam buster said...

There is a bit of rage against legit bike riders out there. Guys I work with have had stubbies thrown at them, club locks swung and knives pulled by road rage drivers.

One guy was riding on the Nepean and had a 4wd swerve at him so close that he broke the 4wd window with his elbow. The driver drove over the median and the wrong way up a service lane, got out of the car and came at the bike rider with a knife! noice.

Chuck A. Spear said...

I haven't even read this post Keri but I will write my own post about your post in an effort to troll my own blog as per usual.

I love a good fisting.

Iain Hall said...

Really Keri
I am not attacking you at all I am attacking what you have said and I still note that you have not acknowledged that both Strider and i have condemned the actions of the hooligans in question.

Keri said...

Since I never intimated that either of you did, why would I?