Thursday, September 11, 2008

Please, Herald Sun, tell me what emotion to feel today.

The tag line when you click on this link is “Fear Grips Railway Users”

Gripped by fear?


Am I, Herald Sun? Just let me check.

Um, no, I’m not “gripped by fear” at the idea of public transport. I’m not even that concerned by a 2.5% rise in crime, considering the use of public transport has increased by substantially more than that in the last twelve months.

And I’ll tell you a secret, Mary Bolling, I’m not even afraid of catching the last train home by myself on – gasp! – the most dangerous line in Melbourne, the Hurstrbridge line.

Want to know why?

In the 14 years I’ve been catching public transport by myself, apart from the (frankly amusing) ranting loonies you see everywhere, and I’ve had no trouble at all on Public Transport.

I know it happens, I know serious assaults, sexual assaults, robbery and the like occur, and I’m not trying to downplay what actually occurs, but you know what the majority of crimes on the public transport system are?

Rocks thrown at trains.


Bored kids screwing around.

Forgive me if I’m not quaking in my boots here, Herald Sun, but apart from the inconvenience of delayed trains caused by vandalism – which I’m more than used to by now – I’ve never been directly affected by the rampant crime you’re telling me to be all afeared of.

Media beat up?

Let’s put it this way. In half an hour I’m getting on the Hurstrbridge line. And I’ll be catching it later on tonight as well. And tomorrow, and well into the forseeable future.

And I’m not the slightest bit more concerned than I was before I read this piece of tripe very informative article.


Michelle said...

I feel the same about walking through Fortitude Valley at night. I have no problems doing it, feel safer there than I do in other suburbs yet people freak out when they find out that not only do you live there, you GO OUT AT NIGHT ALONE.

Fucking ridiculous.

Keri said...

I can understand a bit of concern (Although I don't feel it myself) but this article was terrible.

There wasn't even a single quote from a rail traveler 'gripped by fear'

It's just shoddy journalism.

Bron said...

Oddly enough, I felt safer living in the inner city than I do now in the 'burbs. At least in the inner city, there were always people around. Here in the 'burbs, it's dead quiet at night, not enough lighting, and anyone could just jump out from behing the many, many trees and bushes.

Bron said...


OMG, Bron makes a typo!


Jens said...

I am afraid of missing the last train home ... wait, was I already influenced by some newspaper?

Jason said...

I learn what I should think from the Herald Sun, what I should feel from the Tele, what I should eat from the 'Tiser, and what I should later excrete from the Courier Mail. Thank you, Mr Murdoch, thank you.

I'm not a blogger but.... said...

I like media beat ups about public transport, no longer am I another bored punter getting from A to B but an intrepid devil may care sort of a traveller.

Takes my mind off the various odours of my fellow thrillseekers.

As Kenny Loggins once said, "I went to the danger zone at 11:20 on the Frankston line"