Sunday, September 14, 2008

Not scared yet? We'll just keep trying then

Dear Herald Sun,

I'm still not scared.

I hate to disappoint you, but telling me about "secret" internal logs (So secret they can be obtained through the Freedom of Information act!) that detail 1293 incidents (ranging, according to the limited incidents you reported from people being spat on to a sexual assault on a child) in a three year period has actually made me feel safer.

Because that's just more than on incident a day.

On a rail network the size Melbourne has, with as many people crammed on to it a day as it does, I think one-and-a-half incidents a day is pretty damn good.

And considering there's a been a 27.4 per cent drop between 2002 and 2008 in crime on out public transport system, I'm feeling safer every day.

But keep trying, Herald Sun.

If nothing else you're giving me a good chuckle.


John Surname said...

"Disappoint", Keri, or should I say "Ker;".

Bron said...

Ah, the periodic "crime wave" according to the tabloids. FAIL.

Keri said...

Swear to God I fixed that up.


Will fix up, deny all knowledge and shove that semi-colon down your throat, you meanie.

Bron - channel seven picked it up on the news tonight, so Today Tonight is not too far away.

PKD said...

I got equally annoyed at yesterdays story - "Metcard Fares axe Irks Seniors" (,,24337788-2862,00.html).

It starts off with...

PUBLIC Transport Minister Lynne Kosky is axing a range of Metcard fares to prepare for the arrival of the troubled myki smartcard.

FALSE! You can still buy the tickets in question on the train/tram/bus if required, just not at newsagents any more.

The changes effectively mean commuters would pay more, despite assurances that the smartcard would not lead to an increase in fares.

FALSE again! If commuters buy the alternate 5 ticket cards, they'll actually be cheaper per fare.

2 outright whoppers that are then used to justify the rest of the article to spin as much negativity on the Govt as possible.

It seems The Herald Scum isn't content with just reporting the news, it wants to create it too...grrr!

Dam Buster of Preston said...

Ah statistics.. The fodder of dodgy tabloid journos.

Will the Herald-Sun be publishing a list of the ten most dangerous locations on the transport netowrk?

Keri said...

DB, In the first article, Hurstbridge was the most dangerous line. In the second article, it was about the third safest.

Written by the same paper, two days apart.

Fucked if I know whether I should be scared now.