Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Easily swayed

I also oppose the "strengthening" of Australian Literature being taught in English classes in school.

But for me, it's for no other reason than if I can save one single school-child from having to read David Malouf, I'll consider my life worthwhile.


Dam buster of preston said...

Year 12 - 'Fly Away Peter' - Say no more.

Keri said...

Oh, that was the one that tipped me over the edge, DboP.

I even wrote a satirical poem about it as a folio piece.

Unfortunately, the school thought I was serious, entered me in an ANZAC day poem competition, and I won it.

Then I felt very, very small.

Still got an A though.

dam buster of preston said...

lol.. that is gold!

well done on the A... i got a lazy 51% for the subject so you can see the book had a profound effect on me!