Thursday, September 18, 2008

Challenge or Mission Impossible?

Just as I thought the comment thread was put to bed, comments on this thread have taken off again.

Basically, I'd come across a website (and pamphlet drive) making false claims by a pro-life organisation, and put the challenge out to Pro-lifers to debate honestly and without deception or subterfuge about the proposed legislation de-criminalising abortion in Victoria.

As you can see, the one comment I've had from a pro-lifer has been proven to be less than accurate, and I'm not entirely enamoured of the preachy tone towards women thinking about abortion, either, but it doesn't overstep the mark.

Question is, why do I never seem to be able to find anyone on the Pro-Life side of the fence willing to discuss the issue honestly? Why don't they Tell the Truth as they claim they do?

And why are they still spouting the lie about the link between Breast Cancer and Abortion?

So, any pro-lifers (Apart from you, Iain. I know what you think) out there willing to take up the challenge?


kccat said...

Here from ICLW. Happy to see this post. Would be happier if a pro-lifer actually takes you up on this challenge.

Kelly D said...

Those darn pro-lifers. I recently sent an email to all of my friends that life in Colorado about legislation that if passed, might make IVF inaccessible in that state. I received a response back, not from my friend, but her husband. Totally tacky - although I guess it was my bad thinking they'd have compassion since IVF is how I built my family.

You go girl.