Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Sorry, sorry. I know there's supposed to be actual, topical posts here today, but I haven't had a chance.

Tell you what, I'll try and write one (for both blogs) on the bus on the way home.


In the meantime, here's something to keep the girls occupied:

And boys, well, there's a copy of Alpha next to my bed, I think.


Private Tom said...

Meh. A pic of Harold Perrineu or especially Hugh Jackman-now that's a different story.

Michelle said...

Mr Statham!

Be still my quivering ...

Bron said...

Or throbbing..., Michelle?

Anyway, who is this dude?

Michelle said...

Who is... what the fu...?

Bron, you disgust me.

Quivering, throbbing, it's all just semantics

Keri said...

Bron, get thee to Google, you useless strumpet!

PT- Can't please everyone.

Michelle - Is your night now complete?

Michelle said...


Chuck A. Spear said...

He needs to go to the gym.

Keri said...

Not up to your standards, Chuck