Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Answering the tough Questions

The answer to the question I posed a few days ago when I asked what I was talking about when I said "I've been thinking about it, and I draw the line at monkey"


I wouldn't eat live monkey brains.

Someone was talking about the tradition in a country I forgot at the time I wrote the post to eat monkeys brains whilst they are still alive.

And that's where I draw the line. I'll eat offal in all it's manifestations (Apart from tripe and kidney, which I don't like the taste of), but I will not eat a live monkey brain.


PKD said...

Ugh - thanks, I just had my lunch and all!

Maybe it would've been better to go for the monkey fur - I sure coulda used those million Frequent Flyer points!!!

Michelle said...

That is just disgusting - in a number of ways.

I too just ate lunch. Thanks Kej!

Bron said...

Oh GOD! I'm boycotting this blog!

Keri said...

Sure you are Bron. The day before my extended series of topless Salma pics?

I think not, my pretty.

Toaf said...

No, definitely not food porn.

Michelle said...

Poor Bron. Don't worry, I'll repost them over on my blog.

Bron said...

It's not so much talking about eating live monkey brains, it's the photo of the poor, terrified creature in that bowl that upsets me.

I had to quit volunteering at the International Humane Society because I got too upset seeing photos of abused and tortured animals. Talking about it, I can deal with, but actually seeing them, I can't deal with.

Even to get to these comments to post this comment, I actually shut my eyes as I scrolled down.

What a wimp.

Keri said...

Not a wimp, i've just got a strong stomach.

If it helps, the monkey isn't so much terrified as off it's face.

Bron said...

Off it's face? How? On what?